Core Need Inquiry for Type 1

Core Need Inquiry for Type 1

Core need of Type 1 is “to be perfect”: This need arises from an inner conviction to do the right thing, to get it right.  It can arise out of a drive for improvement of oneself or a system, making things better in the world. When this need has Type 1 convinced that their way is the best or even the only way (at the exclusion of others), it can create rigidity and limit what is possible. This need to be perfect can become synonymous with how Type 1 expresses how we care.

Journaling Questions

  • How does my need to be perfect affect my relationships?
  • If I softened my need to be perfect and allowed others to contribute, how could this relieve my sense of burden and impact my overall well-being, productivity, and the quality of my relationships?
  • How could practicing acceptance allow me to relax attachments to the ways that I express how I care?

The Antidote to Stress for Type 1

Serenity is the transformational quality of the heart of Type 1. This points to our ability to respond from a non-reactive place, a kind of neutrality. It is from this state that our wise and discerning heart comes forward and knows what is essential and needs our attention. From this serenity, we act as needed to support whatever in the moment will create goodness. There is deep acceptance, relaxation, and clarity that come from this serenity even in the face of uncertainty.

Journaling Questions

  • If I approach others from a place of serenity and acceptance, how might that impact how I am received?
  • What might become possible and less stressful for myself if I explored how to care in more relaxed and accepting ways?
  • How would trusting my innate discerning wisdom enable me to relax around something or someone causing me stress?

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Fundamental Core Needs of Each Enneagram Type

(from The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher Heuertz)
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