Core Need Inquiry for Type 3

Core Need Inquiry for Type 3

Core need of Type 3 is “to succeed”: This need will have us believe that if I become the apogee of success, I will be worthy of love. This need drives us to work to become the image of what society values by achieving the metrics, certificates, and so on that indicates success in the world and make one worthy of praise. When this is happening at the expense of us attending to our own needs and the needs of others in our lives, we create stress for ourselves and those we love. One might unconsciously believe deep down that hopefully this achievement makes me worthy of receiving love. This need can have us become so identified with our image of success that we forget what is actually authentic for us and truly lights us up.

Journaling Questions

  • Can I give myself permission to schedule one hour of non-achievement time off, to allow my inner kid to play, discover, and be curious? What does my inner kid want to do? What does my heart want me to do?
  • How has my “need to succeed” impacted my relationships?
  • If I could do anything and it would be received well by others, what do I authentically want to do?
  • Imagine that I am worthy of love and acceptance without doing anything. How might that change how I live my life?

The Antidote to Stress for Type 3

Authenticity is the transformational quality of the heart of type 3. This is about living our true purpose, shining our light brightly, and uplifting and inspiring others from a place of authenticity. When we achieve from a place within that is in alignment with our heart and soul, we feel an innate sense of fulfillment while inspiring others in a collective spirit of “we all win together.” This kind of authenticity becomes possible when our own heart becomes a mirror of love reminding us that we are love and we are enough. By our inner mirror being our reflection of love and our source of inspiration, doing then becomes an expression of the love we already are!

Journaling Questions

  • Imagine that I have accomplished everything that I possibly could up to this point in my life. Now, letting my heart be my guide, what impact does my heart want to make in my life and in the world?
  • What needs of mine have I not been allowing for that would truly nourish me? What would it look and feel like to give myself permission to be lavishly generous with myself?
  • What needs to do people in my life have that I may not have been noticing?
  • My heart is the gateway to my authentic desires. What do I authentically desire?

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