Core Need Inquiry for Type 4 

Core Need Inquiry for Type 4

Core need of Type 4 is “to be special or unique”: This need is a drive from within to have us remember the uniqueness of our true nature or that one-of-a-kind, snowflake-like expression of our soul made manifest in our personhood. This need has us mistakenly look outside of ourselves for the reflection of our uniqueness, and as a result we feel bereft from the loss of this connection to our true selves. This leaves us feeling lost, disoriented, isolated, and hopeless, like something essential is missing. In the face of this hopelessness, this need pushes away the ordinary in its search for realness, for something or someone to be the “real thing.”

Journaling Questions

  • What aspects of myself have I abandoned in my search for the “real thing” outside of myself? Who or what have I been idealizing?
  • What aspects of myself are unique and special?
  • What are ways in which I can celebrate and express the uniqueness of who I am?
  • What are the ways in which ordinary attributes of me are truly extraordinary?

The Antidote to Stress for Type 4

Equanimity is the transformational quality of the heart of type 4. It is with our ability to allow our greatest joy to coexist with our greatest sorrow that the quality of equanimity can arise in our hearts. There is something restorative about this state that allows us to see the real beauty in life and in ourselves no matter how glorious or painful the circumstance. It is here that real intimacy arises, not narratives about intimacy. It is from this place that the mystery of life emerges. From here we can access pure creativity from within ourselves and create beauty in our relationships and in the world that only our unique stamp is capable of creating, even if it’s only with the placement of a picture or in how we smile at another.

Journaling Questions

  • What do I need to release or let go of so that I can make room for equanimity to rest in my heart?
  • What narratives have I telling about my life that have been replacing my ability to be present to the beauty and intensity of this moment?
  • What qualities could I practice feeling or embodying that would allow equanimity to come forward in an area that has been causing me stress?

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