Core Need Inquiry for Type 6

Core Need Inquiry for Type 6

Core need of type 6 is “to be sure, certain, or secure”: This need has to do with the ways in which we keep ourselves safe. One way the type 6 in us does this is by keeping doubt from arising. Finding things to be certain about can be a way that we create a feeling of security and alleviate anxiety by keeping doubt at bay. When the type 6 in us loses faith or becomes skeptical, it can cause us to scramble for certainty or security. Rather than looking within, the type 6 strategy tends to defer to an authority outside of themselves for guidance and certainty. The authority can be people or systems.

Journaling Questions

  • How does the need to be sure, certain, or secure show up in my relationships, work, and experience of living in general?
  • How does overfocusing on this need create anxiety, deplete my energy, or impair my productivity?
  • If I had faith that what I needed will be there when I need it, how would that ease my anxiety?

The Antidote to Stress for Type 6

Courage is the transformational quality of the heart that allows us to show up fully in the moment for whatever needs our attention. When we are fully present and courageous, our intuition is operating at its peak and we simply know what to do. We are one with our inner guidance. Being courageous is not about being brave. Courageousness is also the ability to drop in and meet ourselves, exactly as we are with whatever feelings are arising.

Journaling Questions

  • What could become possible if I brought the quality of courage or courageousness to something in my life that is causing me stress?
  • How can I begin to trust my own intuition and tune into my inner knowing?
  • If I had faith that what I need will be there when I need it, how would that ease my anxiety?

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(from The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher Heuertz)
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