Core Need Inquiry for Type 7

Core Need Inquiry for Type 7

Core need of type 7 is “to avoid pain”: The pain most avoided by type 7 is the pain of deprivation and restriction. This need can drive type 7 as an attraction to distraction. This can also show up as a drive to have experiences that generate sensation, stimulation, and even fascination. However, if these are arising out of the need to “avoid pain,” then type 7 will likely not be present and will miss out on embodying the experience, leaving them unsatiated and craving more and more and more. FOMO (the fear of missing out) emerges out of this core need. To stop and be still opens us to feeling, and type 7 can be fearful of finding memories of how they were not nurtured or cared for in this stillness. 

Journaling Questions

  • How does FOMO create stress in my life and relationships?
  • How can I distinguish whether my attraction to an experience is coming from the need to “avoid pain” or from a grounded place of presence?
  • How does the fear of deprivation or restriction impact my relationships? What possibilities might I be missing out on in my relationship to myself?

The Antidote to Stress for Type 7

Sobriety is the transformational quality of the heart for type 7. This is the state of being able to be fully present in mind, heart, and body and hence totally nurtured by the experiences of life. Sobriety gives us access to feeling truly satisfied, wanting for nothing; it is the quelling of the need for more. Sobriety exists in the stillness of our being. It rests in the background, not originating from circumstance but coming forward from our capacity to be unconditionally present to all sensations and experiences. One can be completely still and full of exhilarating sensation, such as when watching the dance of a butterfly, hearing the sound of music, feeling a spring breeze, or smelling the aromas of delicious meal. This kind of sober allows us to be in a state of receptivity such that we are present, savoring the moment and truly nurtured by our experiences. 

Journaling Questions

  • Imagining that I am completely nourished, not wanting for anything. Closing my eyes and looking within, what feelings are streaming through me? Let yourself feel these sensations like waves going to the tips of your toes and fingers and swooshing through your heart chakra. How does this feel?
  • Taking a deep breath, allow a calming presence to infuse your mind, heart, and body. From this place of embodied presence, consider something in your life that has been causing you stress. Allow any new insights to come and journal about new ways of looking at this situation.
  • What enables me to truly savor the moment?
  • What do I need to let go of to be unconditional and present?

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