Core Need Inquiry for Type 8

Core Need Inquiry for Type 8

Core need of Type 8 is “to be against”: This need is more like a way to test the trustworthiness of another or challenge who is holding the power. The type 8 in us wants to vet that if someone is in a position of authority, they will use that power responsibly. This is also the need to force, to take up more space, and to exert more power as compensation for a lack of trust.

Journaling Questions

  • How does the “need to be against” show up in my relationships?
  • What is this need protecting?
  • What is this need serving?
  • What could become possible if I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone, not even myself?

The Antidote to Stress for Type 8

Innocence is the transformational quality of the heart that holds the key to our ability to respond with a soft, open heart. This ability keeps our heart open regardless of whether we are experiencing joy or grief. This is our undefended heart. This is also about our ability to meet each moment exactly as it is (not adding story). This innocence of type 8 asks us to embody ourselves: to feel our sensitivity and our ability to stay with what is arising in our hearts.

Journaling Questions

  • What could become possible if you brought the quality of innocence to a way in which you approached something causing you stress?
  • What can I begin to relax so I can bring more trust to an area of my life that is causing me stress?
  • What is an area of my life where I am able to be sensitive and allow myself to feel this quality of innocence? What does this feel like?

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(from The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher Heuertz)
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