Core Need Inquiry for Type 9

Core Need Inquiry for Type 9

Core need of Type 9 is “to avoid”: This need is fundamentally about avoiding anything that creates discomfort in oneself or another person, avoiding anything that might cause the loss of a sense of harmony or inner peace. This need will have Type 9 avoid standing out for having a need or being seen for having a need or talent. This includes avoiding by disassociating and not feeling things like anger because this will create inner discomfort. This can contribute to self-forgetting, putting others’ needs and agendas before one’s own in order to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

Journaling Questions

How does the need “to avoid” show up in my relationships?

  • How would making my needs and my agenda as important as those of others’ needs and agendas change how I feel about myself? How would it change how I feel about others?
  • What would I deep down love to be seen and appreciated for? Express that appreciation for yourself in the way that part of you would love to hear it.  See what opens up inside. 

The Antidote to Stress for Type 9

Engagement is the transformational quality of the heart that calls us to engage with and include all of who we are, including our head, our heart, and our body. This is part of Type 9’s path to including themselves in their pursuit of restoring an experience of unity and oneness in the world. This is about “meeting ourselves” with our presence by bringing our non-judgmental, loving attention to our feelings, including anger. This is about saying “yes” to showing up in life and letting ourselves be seen for our gifts and talents. This is about creating a new relationship to our bodies, exercising them and loving them in any way that we can, and recognizing our bodies as vessels or vehicles for “coming home” to ourselves.

Journaling Questions

  • What part of me has been long forgotten or felt utterly unwelcome in this world? How can I give this part of myself some loving attention and compassion? Can I simply be with this part of me and allow this part to be included in who I am with love?
  • What could I give myself permission to participate in or with that would bring me joy? Name a few activities, relationships, or projects. How would it feel to actively engage in them?

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Fundamental Core Needs of Each Enneagram Type

(from The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher Heuertz)
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