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About Gerise

As humans, we all have doubts, conflicting feelings, and unfulfilled needs at times. We may find ourselves getting stuck in destructive thought and behavior patterns, and get caught unaware. As a Certified Professional Coach and Enneagram Specialist, Gerise Pappas empowers growth-oriented individuals to honor the hidden parts of themselves so they can change these patterns with confidence and courage. Her empathy, intuition, and gentle, moment-to-moment observations create a safe space that increases clients’ self-awareness and unleashes the power to consciously change their lives.

As part of her transformational coaching practice, Gerise offers Enneagram typing sessions, one-to-one coaching, as well as Enneagram classes and workshops. Additionally, as an inspirational speaker, she enjoys enthusiastically sharing the lessons she has learned through her deep, multi-faceted healing journey and over twenty years of coaching. In the words of one of her clients, “If you want to understand the underpinnings of what motivates you, look no further than working with this wonderful, warm, talented woman.”

Uncovering core needs and motivations allows clients to make many more conscious choices in their everyday lives, leading to reduced stress, improved relationships, and increased self-knowledge. The power of her Enneagram-based discovery process, extensive Enneagram knowledge, and transformational coaching approaches enables clients to let go of habits that no longer serve them. Her discovery questions and “loving mirror” observations facilitate deeper revelations necessary for lasting change.

During her time in California Gerise studied various forms of meditation, mindfulness, and other integrative modalities. Her studies with the Enneagram began in 1996. Highly respected Enneagram teachers that Gerise has been fortunate to study with include Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson, Jessica Dibb, Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes, and Andrea Isaacs. Her authentic empathy with her clients stems from her own relentless willingness to use the Enneagram system, self-awareness practices, and coaching modalities to integrate abandoned and forgotten parts of herself. Her journey and background have positioned her to help others “re-parent” themselves the way she has, facilitating emotional healing from a place of power and permission.

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