Inquiries to Realign with Your Purpose (Value $329)

Enneagram Inspired Inquiries with Guided Meditation
by Gerise Pappas

If you want . . .

  • To feel inspired with a new vision and sense of confidence!

  • To radiate your unique value while upleveling your ability to connect with your clients!

  • To manifest and innovate with clarity, joy, and freedom!

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Inquiries to Realign with Your Purpose

See the description for each inquiry below:
Body Center Inquiries
Point 8: Embody Strength, Aliveness, and Confidence
Point 9: Cultivate Unity, Harmony, Wholeness, and Belonging
Point 1: Steward a Vision of Sacredness, Goodness, and Purity
Heart Center Inquiries
Point 2: Develop Connections through Attunement and Loving Kindness
Point 3: Attract Clients through Radiating Your Value and Preciousness
Point 4: Amplify your Brand Celebrating Your Uniqueness, Beauty and Depth
Head Center Inquiries
Point 5: Create from Your Clarity, Knowledge, and Illumination
Point 6: Manifest from Guidance, Loyalty, and Devotion
Point 7: Innovate from Inherent Joy and Freedom
"Gerise offered a different perspective that went deeper than anything else that I had done up to that point. It wasn’t a “one off”; it was consistent, every single session. I am waking up to who I really am and Gerise’s work is part of me waking me up to what is really meant for me to shine!"
Anela Acari
Retired US Army Officer, Author and Executive Producer
"For every entrepreneur who excels at their craft but feels restricted, Gerise is your beacon. She helps you see what’s happening, helps you get unstuck, teaches you how to keep yourself in the flow and she equips you to design your path."
Veronica L. Nabizadeh, Esq.
Relationship Restart

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